Długa Street in Gdańskdluga

The main street of Gdańsk, in the Main Old Town, delighting with numerous, beautiful tenement houses

  • The Ferber House
  • The Uphagen House
  • The Schumann House
  • The Czirenberg Tenement House
  • Lion`s castle
  • Gdańsk 50 Post Office Building

Długa and Długi Targ Streets are perpendicular to the Motława River, making the King`s Road.

You can admire the most important secular buildings located at DługiTarg Street: the Main Town Hall and Artus Mansion.

Neptune Fountain

neptunThis fountain, located in front of Artus Mansion, has been the landmark of Gdańsk ever since 1633.

Legend has it that it was Neptune himself who contributed to creating the famousGoldwasser liquor.

“Outraged at people throwing coins into the fountain, Neptune hit the water with the trident and broke the gold into fine dust that has adorned the splendid herb liquor ever since”.

Moreover, the figure of Neptune emphasises the connection of Gdańsk and the sea.

The Cranezuraw

It is one of the most beautiful and largest port cranes of medieval Europe. Its location by the Motława River is not accidental: it used to handle goods and put up masts on vessels.

Nowadays, it is one of the branches of the National Maritime Museum.

Gdańsk Oliwa “The Coast” city zoozoo

Gdańsk zoo will undoubtedly enchant not only children but also their guardians. Its area is 120 hectares, making it the largest zoo in Poland.

The zoo is on the list of the prestigious European Zoos Association.

You will have a chance to admire many rare animal species there.